I tore up the broken concrete. What a beast. The demolitions aspect of landscaping. A hired hand and pickup truck was helpful. Once I got into the swing of things, hauling that long handled sledge over my head made me feel like John Henry. (I just hope I don’t get buried in the end under the walkway.)

Getting rid of the concrete was not less difficult. The pickup truck was almost touching it’s hitch to the road. I had to pay for it to be dumped. But it’s gone now. I think it cost $350. At least that’s what the guy I hired with the pickup said it cost.

The dirt was easier to get rid of. Neighbors were willing to come and pick it up for Phil, who ever he is. Maybe he’s a local landscaper. I never realized before that clean dirt didn’t have to be like top soil; it just needed to not have concrete or chemical spills in it. It just kills me to think of all the time I’ve wasted throughout the years picking pebbles out of the dirt just to qualify it as clean.

There is currently a deep dirt path in the front of my house. The concrete is gone and I’m not putting more back in. I could just call it Rustic. I’m contemplating which paver stones to cover the walkway in. Unfortunately, it is not a straight path, it widens. Not like the thickness of the concrete that I tore up, which varied in how thin or thick it was, but in it’s width. Which means I’ll have to cut a lot of pavers to make them fit properly.

No, I’m not going to just use concrete instead.

front walkway