Guaranteed environmentally friendly deer control

When the weather turns cold and food is scarce in their normal feeding grounds, those cute little bambis will wander onto your property looking to find something to eat. It can result in expensive repair and replacement of plants that you have nurtured for beautification of your landscaping. We provide a deer control that is natural and good for your trees and shrubs.

Plants Deer Eat

Minimize tick risk

Along with trouble to your trees and shrubs, unwanted ticks are carried into the proximity of your pets and family. With a deer solution, ticks too will be kept from your yard.

  • Dries clear, leaves no film!
  • Latex based; water resistant- Won’t wash off in the rain!
  • Lasts up to 6 months with just one application.
  • All Natural: Environmentally friendly.
  • Acts as an ‘anti-desiccant’ to protect shrubs from winter wind burn.
  • landscaping flemington deer solution