The landscape around your home, after 20 or 30 years, may not look as nice as it once did. Overgrown and dying plants detract from your home’s appearance.
Whether you’ve lived there for decades or are a new homeowner, looking to put your personal stamp on your new home, eventually, every landscape should undergo renovation. Resist your first impulse to rip everything out. You may be able to reuse some items. A landscape professional can help with this project.
First, take inventory of existing trees, shrubs and perennials. Know what you have. Consider reusing valuable and desirable plants. Will they work in their present state or pruned back; right where they are or should they be transplanted to another location on the property?
All too often, I see perfectly healthy plants that have been discarded by folks, who don’t realize that they have better options. If a plant is not desirable to you it may be to someone else. Start with family, friends or a neighbor may be looking for just such a plant. Your landscaper has a file full of scores of properties in his head and can come up with the right new home for just about any healthy, desirable plant.
It may turn out that nothing can be reused, but you won’t know unless you find out what you have.