The first and most simplistic landscaping edging that you can give your landscaping bed is a good old fashioned shovel spade. Trimming off the overhang of the lawn into hard or landscaping areas gives it that finished look. Like a well groomed marine.

Unlike what a deck of playing cards would have you view as the shape of a spade, the shovel spade is actually the rectangular flat ended shovel. Coming in varying lengths, hip height is the most common. The open handle allows a happier grip for it’s downward jab. See this example on Home Depot

Light jabs into the edge of the lawn, just into the crease that divides the lawn from the hard or landscaping surface, will do the trick. Any attempt to drive the shovel deep into the earths inner crust will definitely be too much. Just a quick jab and a sudden stop as the trimming is done. 

Of course you could use a weed wacker or an edge trimmer too.

The weed wacker need to be tilted to the side. Some are built with that ability, and a small adjustment to it’s positioning is all you have to make. Expect to go through a lot of wacker string, as you will constantly be gnawing it off with harder surfaces that grass blades. 

If you happened to have obtained an edge trimmer, either by accident or on purpose, you might have the slickest tool of choice, and the surest way to fit in a few rounds of golf for the day. We won’t go into using this tool right now, but if you have one, you’ve plenty of time to wait for the next article which will discuss tips on using it. For now, enjoy browsing a couple of youtube videos of engineering fails.

Have fun with your landscaping edging!